7 Youtube Channels I Recommend and Why

Published March 5, 2014 by menialcheerykill

It’s March already, and I know that it’s clichéd to say things such as “The year is flying by” and “Where did the time go?”, and we all know how much I hate being a cliché, so I’m just going to say this; I’m back at Uni and I swear that yesterday I was still in holiday mode.
That’s because I was still in holiday mode yesterday. I am still in holiday mode today. Hell, I didn’t even go to my first day back at uni because I was in Byron Bay. Discounting the fact that I grew up there, it’s a holiday destination, I was, for all intents and purposes, on holiday in Byron Bay, instead of sitting in a lecture theatre for 8 hours on end and making small talk with a group of strangers who are far better dressed than they will be in a matter of weeks.

My computer arrived, my iPad arrived, my textbooks arrived, most of my Bookworld.com order arrived, I’ve gotten organised. I’m heading in early today to sell my Psychology textbooks to a group of unaware first years for bargain prices. I have, in essence, gotten my shit together. Only three days later than I probably should have, but together nonetheless.

Anyhow, onward and (probably not) upward to todays content.

Seven Youtube Channels I Recommend and Why;

This is going to be in no order whatsoever, it’s just going to be who I am subscribed to and what order they appear in my subscription list.

Philip DeFranco;
I’ve been watching videos on Youtube since around 2007 when my parents started leaving me at home alone and I didn’t have to worry about mum screeching at me about using up all the internet with my nonsense watching of nonsense videos and the like. Philip DeFranco’s ‘sxephil’ was one of the first channels I stumbled across, and I remembered feeling so educated by him (I mean, come on, I was like 14 years old and actually learning about things happening in the world, and stuff and things. His videos are somewhat of an editorial commentary on the important events taking place in the world, as well as some of the not so important events, but he ensures that there is always something for everyone in each of his videos. His other channels, SourceFed, SourceFed Nerd and ForHumanPeoples are branches on an (hopefully) ever-growing tree of news, pop-culture, nerd-culture, sexy-time news, seriously important and happening now news. I am so much more informed on the events of the world because of this man, and so grateful that I found his channel.

Most Popular Girls In School;
Oh my goodness gracious me. What do you get when you cross cheap Barbie dolls, stop motion film and a script that is to die laughing for? Most Popular Girls in School. If I’m in need of a laugh, I watch this channel. If they release a new episode, I watch this channel. Honestly, the script is actually brilliant, and I have quoted a lot of the characters in real life situations when I’m bitching someone out, whether I’m doing it passively or aggressively. The snark, sass and witticism is strong with this series, definitely worth a watch or seven.

Comicbookgirl19 is the place I go for all my movie reviews, because she’s got awesome taste, and she’s unbiased. I also love her Epic History series, mainly because it’s Game of Thrones/ASoIaF related, but also because she’s so thorough with her information. I kind of want to start getting into comic books because of her comic book reviews and related posts. 

As an Australian goofball, I love Nat so much. Her videos are amazing, and despite the fact that sometimes she takes a decade long break between uploads, all her content has remained relevant (I know this because I recently went on a procrastination-fueled communitychannel binge and watched like 8 hours worth of her videos). Hilariously witty, don’t take yourself to seriously kind of videos that are actually relatable. The amount of Nat’s videos that I have responded to her topic sentence with “oh my god, same!” with (out loud, too – which is very embarrassing when I forget that I’m in the library at uni) is very high. Definitely worth all the praise in the world.

Crash Course (and, by association, vlogbrothers)
Run by the vlogbrothers themselves, Hank and John Green, Crash Course has taught me so many things. The Psychology section only has four videos in it, last time I checked, and it has already taught me more than the two years of that Psychology course I was enrolled in at university ever did. Crash Course makes learning fun, is presented in an interactive and just plain joyful manner and actually made me interested in Ecology, which is something I never thought possible (mostly because I didn’t know what Ecology was). 

The Holy Trinity;
This would not be a post about Youtube channels if I didn’t include Grace, Mamrie and Hannah. Why? Because they are literally The Holy Trinity. I don’t remember how I found Mamrie’s channel, but I’m more than glad I did, because she has gotten me drunk in ways I never imagined possible, and also inspired me to get creative when I’m drinking, which may or may not be a bad idea. Hannah has taught me to love myself and not be afraid to be who I am (they all have, really), and also that when baking, measurements are optional. Grace has taught me not to take shit from anyone and never take life too seriously. As a collective these three amazing young women have provided me with more belly laughs than I think I have had in the last three years, countless kilograms of advice to take with a pinch of salt (and, often, a margarita), and hours of entertainment. They also recently released a film together, Camp Takota, which is amazing and I recommend it for everyone that has ever breathed air or opened a refrigerator. Check out one, check out two, check out all three of them. You won’t regret it, ever.

If Philip DeFranco is where I go for my world news with snark, Michael Buckley is where I go for my popular culture news with sass. Buck was another of the first channels I discovered in my first foray into Youtube territory. Buck delivers news on music, television, movies, scandals, the Olympics (particularly figure skating) and does so in a fun, loud, lively, awesome manner. I don’t mean that in the ‘Girl from TMZ’ way, because Buck isn’t faking it for the camera, if he’s not excited, you know. When he is excited, your neighbours will know. Worth his weight and then some in gold.


So, there we have it. Make sure you check out all the channels I suggested, and even their subchannels and their recommendations.
See you next week!

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